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Anecdotes Of Life

Wisdom teeth extraction
Friday, October 2, 2009

Yesterday, Children's Day, I lost my 2 back teeth. Went for wisdom tooth extraction at Tan Tock Seng Hospital in the afternoon. After doing the X-ray, found out that my right bottom wisdom tooth was not growing straight up, but rather slanted towards the 2nd last tooth. No wonder it has been causing me so much pain. For about 1-2 years now the gum around that area has been periodically swelling up, becoming so painful that I can't even chew properly. Luckily my other wisdom teeth are growing normally, so extraction would be normal and not by surgery. Oh, and itz confirmed that I only have 3 wisdom teeth. I have been telling my mum that I don't have wisdom tooth at the top left corner but she didn't believe me cos itz kinda weird I suppose.

So anyway, after viewing the x-ray, my mum left the room and they started preparing for the operation. Since this would be done under local anaesthetic, they had to administer the shot first. Omg, the needle for that is like super long and huge. And because the dentist had to inject the medicine in slowly, she was holding the needle there for so long, and I was trying very hard not to swallow or move my tongue. I could feel the needle being pushed very deep into the gum and maybe cheek too. After that, the dentist told me to rinse my mouth (blood came out), but half of my mouth was numb so it was kinda hard to do so. I just kinda put water in and let it drip out again lol. The weirdest part was when the nurse spread some numbing gel on my tongue and lips. I felt as if my lips were swollen like 2 sausages although they were actually still normal sized.

Now, the nurse proceeded to cover my face and body, leaving only the mouth area open for the dentist to work on. Since my bottom tooth was slanted, they couldn't just pull it out, but had to drill it into pieces first. Before she started drilling she warned me first, "You're going to be hearing some drilling sounds". She did this a couple of times and after each drilling, she would stop for a moment and say "there's gonna be a crunching sound now", which i assume is when she is using something to break away the broken tooth.

Although the area was numb, the dentist pressed down so hard when drilling that I could still feel the pain deep down, and had to grip the side of the chair. Halfway through she said, "wow, your bones are really strong". lol. I think must be my tooth really hard to break if not why must press so hard...

After the bottom tooth was completed out, 2 stitches were done to close up the wound. (I didn't know this until the nurse told me later, cos I obviously couldn't feel what they were doing) The top tooth came out quite easily. er, the dentist gripped the tooth i think, and the nurse pressed both sides of my face hard, causing my mouth to open wider vertically, i suppose so that the tooth can be pulled out ba..and..it was all over! A kinda big piece of gauze was used to wipe some blood off, which made me feel like gagging cos the gauze filled up my whole mouth. Feel like someone suffocating you. Luckily it was only a few seconds, then a smaller piece was positioned at the back, and I was instructed to bite down on it.

The numbness was still in effect for a few hours, though there was a dull ache in my jaw despite that. When the numbness started to wear off though, the pain was unbearable. I quickly went to eat my painkillers, but of course it didn't work straightaway, I had to lie down for 1/2 hour with an ice pack on my cheek before the effect kicked in.

So the whole of yesterday it was bleeding alot so I couldn't see the wound properly, but today it stopped bleeding so I used a small mirror to observe the operation site. I couldn't really see the bottom on where they operated, probably cos I still can't open my mouth too big without pain, but where the top wisdom tooth used to be, there was this deep hole filled with blood. I'm kinda worried that food will get stuck in there before it totally heals. According to the dentist, it takes about 2 months for the hole to close up.

Next friday gotta go get the stitches removed. I still thought they would use those kind that dissolves after awhile so you don't have to go back. Maybe they only use that for internal operations?

posted by angelhearts @ 8:39 PM


2nd day in London
Thursday, September 3, 2009

wa the plane ride to London is super super long, I think it was 13 hours? Then so have to keep going to toilet, but then I try to control cos if you wanna go out from your seat need to squeeze past the people sitting beside you to get out, then i dun wanna disturb...But luckily my elder bro and father were sitting in same row as me, so disturb them also not so bad la. My lil bro was sandwiched between 2 strangers so the whole 13 hours flight he didn't go toilet at all! can you believe tt? Oh but the 2 ppl sitting beside him also never go..i think all 3 of them contesting to see who can hold the longest lol =_="

ytd I was supposed to check my school mail and school website see got any work anot, but by the time reach hotel I was waayy too tired, so we just went to dinner and then went back to rest liao. Oh around the hotel here got Mcdonalds, Subway, KFC. I think stay here too long will keep eating fast food and get fat lol.

Just had breakfast not too long ago (time here now is 9.41 am). there's a sort of diner or something at the hotel, then got English breakfast in the morning consisting of toast, sausage, ham, eggs, mushroom, tea, orange juice, and can take cereal and fruits if you want. So much food! I obviously couldn't finish eating all lol. I think the people here eat breakfast like a king de, unlike us normally eat breakfast like a beggar haha.

Today my father has to go for some meeting in the afternoon with the people from the organisation he's graduating from, so my mum and elder bro are following him shopping first then after he go they continue by themselves. me and my lil bro however, are staying in the hotel to catch up on some work since we din do anything ytd...

Oh, and i just checked my school email, and turns out I have to register for Industrial Attachment by next wednesday! Lucky here got internet access if not die la. Have to choose a list of companies i'm interested to apply in and then gotta upload resume too...so many things to do...and i still dunno what company I wanna attach to and what I wanna work as...

Btw if yq is reading this, Happy Birthday! oops actually in sg already quite late hor? lol hope you enjoyed ur day =p

posted by angelhearts @ 4:33 PM


The Amazing Cracking Cup
Thursday, June 25, 2009

last week i was making a cup of hot coffee for my mum, and she usually drinks it super hot (i.e. no cold water added), so after the water boiled I happily poured the boiling water into the cup. To my dismay, there was a loud *crack* and the coffee level in the cup started falling rapidly, while the size of the puddle on the floor expanded.

I was kinda shocked by this suddenly happening since i've always poured hot water into cups without incident. So I was just staring at the coffee leak out...It was leaking out rather than bursting out all at once because the cup had a hairline crack in the middle, but the 2 halves were still joined together. Anyway, when there was about 1/3 liquid left in the cup, I finally came to my senses and placed the cup in the sink. wasted all the coffee..I had to make a fresh cup.

I discarded the cup of course..but a few days ago, my mum took out a new cup to replace the broken one, and it was the same type as the one before. Some free cup from some event some time ago. (lol I can't really remember..I think it was some CC event) When she poured the hot water into this cup, guess what happened? The cup cracked again! lol...so poor quality. But I had already warned her beforehand that since that incident last week, we should be careful not to fill up a cup with hot water while holding it. In other words, make sure you don't touch it, in case it cracks then won't get scalded. Luckily I wasn't holding the cup when mine cracked.

So luckily she wasn't holding it either, and since she had prior knowledge of such a thing happening,she quickly took another cup and poured the drink into it, thus avoiding wastage. haha quite quick reaction..Normally a cup wouldn't break unless there's a huge difference in temperature btw the liquid being poured in and the cup itself, so i dunno what happened. Maybe the cup just wasn't made properly? those with thicker walls are also more prone to cracking when hot water is poured in, but all my cups a home are about the same thickness, and we've been using them for years with no problems.

And this also reminds me of the time when someone's cup of milo exploded in the coffeeshop. Haha this one is really exploded, not just cracked. Er, but a small explosion la. Fortunately it was a cup of cold milo, not hot. It was in one of those beer mugs, and about 2 minutes after it was served to the customer, it suddenly broke into many pieces, and milo shot out everywhere. But most of the milo leaked out over the table and floor...I think the customer in question was quick enough to move away from the table, so she wasn't drenched in milo. But she obviously complained..and got a new cup. lol..but the coffeeshop staff, and everyone around tt table were kinda shocked..

posted by angelhearts @ 2:36 PM


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lol...i have given up on blogging abt trip (as if you couldn't tell), my last post was like..too long ago. If fact nowadays feel so sian...don't feel like blogging much..I guess just leaving this blog here for the occasional ranting

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My Tokyo Trip part 2
Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today we went to the Gotemba Premium Outlet, which is a village full of outlets of those branded stuff like Gucci, Bally, Hermes etc. Those are something like factory outlets (except that they are shops not factories) where the prices are cheaper, but of course I don't think they sell those new or current season items, but rather something like last seasons? Meaning that today is gonna be a shopping trip for my Mum & elder bro while the rest of us tagged along...

We had to take a 2 hour bus ride to the village as it was on the outskirts of the city..luckily the bus had a toilet in it. The bus dropped us off just outside the village and we had to take a shuttle bus in. while waiting for the shuttle bus, we noticed Mount Fuji in the distance and took some shots of it.

Oops, cloud in the way..

aha, that's better =)

Inside the village itself, we saw Mt. Fuji again and I took even more shots haha. These were better cos there were less things obstructing it... and there were less clouds at that time too.


As the sky got darker, the decoration lights on the trees were switched on...



This is Ferris wheel somewhere on a hill just behind the village. Took this when we were about to leave so it was quite dark.This is the first thing you'll see on the bus trip here. When you see that, you know you'll be arriving at the village soon...

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My Tokyo Trip part 1
Saturday, January 10, 2009

Our flight for Tokyo was at 11.45pm on the night of 21/12/08. We were gonna sit the A380 for the first time, and the plane would be leaving from T3, which means we get to see the inside of T3 for the first time too. Therefore we planned to leave early to look around. Thus at around 7 plus pm, we were doing some final checks around the house, making sure all the electrical plugs (except the fridge of course) were switched off and any places were rainwater might collect were covered etc. I was busy reminding everyone to bring their important stuff like keys, money, passport when my elder brother suddenly came in and said he flagged a taxi already. So my mum, elder bro and I left for the airport first with most of the smaller luggage, leaving the big and heavy ones for my younger bro and father.

When we arrived at the airport, we had to wait a long time for my father and younger bro to arrive, probably they were unable to get a taxi, so my elder bro got impatient and went to check-in his own stuff first. After almost 30 mins, the other taxi finally arrived and the rest of us proceeded to check in as well. Usually only my father goes to the check-in counter and we just hang around somewhere near so that they can see our faces when checking the passport. So during this time, my mum was busy trying to stuff a coat into a coat bag, and that's when I remembered something very important-I forgot to bring my winter coat! This is the first time ever that I actually forgot something, not to mention something as important as that. Luckily we reached the airport super early, so there was time to take a cab back to grab my coat. I was so busy helping other people remember things that I forgot my own things....I guess I would have remembered it as I was going through a list of important things in my head, but my elder bro was so kan chiong, go and flag a cab before we were even properly ready so we had no choice but to leave quickly...Lucky I also stay quite close to the airport. Can you imagine if I stayed at say, Woodlands? Liddat sure no time to go back and take de...

After we boarded the flight, I looked through the Kris World guide and saw that there was Wall-E, which I wanted to watch for some time le, so I was quite glad. And I also watched something else which I can't remember haha. But there wasn't much time cos the flight is only 6 hours and each movie is about 2 hours+. When we first boarded, the stewardess asked me if I wanted supper or breakfast, but i ate before going on board so i said breakfast. But just before breakfast was served (which was 2 hours before the flight landed but I forgot the time), I decided to sleep awhile, so when they came to me I rejected the food...

When we arrived (already 22/12), we took a long bus ride to Tokyo Station (a train station) and then took a taxi to the hotel. Since this isn't the first time we've been here, we could recognise the area around there. Surprisingly, even though the hotel was quite near to the station, the taxi drivers always get lost -_-". The taxi driver this time didn't understand English at all so it was abit hard to tell him he's going the wrong way. We even gave him a map in Japanese, hoping he could read it, but apparently he can't read maps well. Actually, he stopped at an intersection for awhile, and if he had turned right, the hotel was like just a few meters away. We tried to tell him that but he couldn't be bothered to listen to us, I think he didn't trust us. Anyway, so he went straight and turned a whole big round before coming back to the same place, and this time he turned right at the intersection and we finally got to the hotel.

It was about 11 plus am when we arrived at the hotel, but we could only check into the rooms at 3pm. so we walked around the area, and got some food. My feet were killing me cos me and my mum were in heels and walking for 2 hours+ in heels in a cold place is no joke. we returned to the hotel after that and waited in the lobby cos our feet couldn't take it and we were quite tired cos didn't really sleep on the plane...

when we could finally check in, all of us quickly went to rest and unpack stuff from the luggage. After dinner I slept super early, like around 8pm? cos I was dozing off already...

Today we went to Shinjuku, a popular shopping district. There, my elder brother brought us into a part of Takashimaya where there was this shop called "Tokyu hands". The store had 7 storeys of craft supplies, magic tricks, household items, pet supplies etc.,something like Daiso, except that it wasn't a $2 store. Since my brother has been here before, he went by himself to Ginza to shop for his own stuff...

We were at Tokyu Hands for the whole day cos there were so many interesting stuff to see! And I bought quite a number or strawberry milk scented bar soaps, cos i'm kinda into bar soaps now but it's very hard to find nice ones in Singapore...

Oh and my younger bro and I were laughing over a Tickle me Elmo for quite some time lol. I first saw this elmo on 100% Entertainment, where xiao zhu and xiao gui were tickling the elmo and it was laughing insanely. After that they left the elmo alone and went on to host the show, but it suddenly stood up on its on and they got a shock! Lol, it's not available in Singapore yet i think, couldn't find it. Here's a youtube video of it:

Hahahahahahaha! again again! ahahahah you did it again! lol i especially like the part where elmo wiggled on the ground and said some nonsense which I can't make out. =p.

I also managed to find very nice Hello Kitty organisers that cost like only 1/3 the price which I bought from Kinokuniya last year. I bought 2 cos I couldn't make up my mind which one was cuter haha. I'm currently only using one, but the other one can be used next year simply by changing the day headings at the top of the calender cos I realised that for every year, the date just shifts one day behind. Like if jan 1 was wednesday this year, it'll be thursday next year. Of course I suppose this doesn't apply for leap years..anyway, this organiser is just a calender infront and the back are blank pages so it's easy to modify it.

Haha took me super long to post about 2 days only...the rest are gonna be mostly pictures so i'll post in a seperate post.

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Gonna blog abt my Tokyo trip soon....
Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I wanted to write about my trip to Tokyo ever since I came back but I wanted to upload some pictures as well so I was waiting for my father to dig out the camera for me (I gave him to keep it before coming back). So..he just gave it to me a few days ago and my school term just started so I don't really have time to blog about it now, will probably do so during the weekend.

But..i'm not quite sure how much I can remember haha, got quite a poor memory. I actually planned to "blog" in Tokyo on my DS, using a program called "TxtWriter" which allows you to type stuff and save it as a text file so that you can transfer to computer. But, things didn't turn out as planned cos for some reason the save function wasn't working properly, causing me to painstakingly type letter by letter a super long paragraph on my first day there, only to have the whole file erased when I tried to save. And I didn't bring any writing materials so I couldn't document it on paper too...

Oh and I think I took some videos in Disneyland too, not very good quality but nice enough.

posted by angelhearts @ 8:07 PM